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Vision: To be a leading company in the field of environmental management, to restore and maintain sustainability.

Mission: Our Mission is to be a pioneer in solid waste management, through mechanized system and with an approach of integrity, professionalism, and innovative technology and customer services.

Corporate: Solid waste has been a problem even before water and air pollution, Now it has attracted the notice of human civilization. Problems associated with solid wastes can be dated back to prehistoric days. Due to invention of new products, technologies and services, the quantity and quality of waste has changed over the years.

J S Enviro started its journey way back in 2011 in the field of Solid Waste Management by providing mechanized solutions locally in Delhi NCR and slowly expanded towards Odisha. J S Enviro provides door to door waste collection service to the citizens of Delhi NCR, transportation of waste to plant sites where it is segregated and then converted into organic compost, electricity and RDF.

JS Enviro is delighted to be a part of Swachh Bharat Mission by contributing significantly towards Solid Waste Management and making cities cleaner & greener.

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